Gary Lowell

I developed an interest in photography at a very early age. My father was a photographer and taught me the basics of photography and film developing in our darkroom. I have very vivid memories of watching the image come to life as the chemicals worked their magic in the darkroom. I was probably around 12 years old when I got my first camera and I’ve been hooked ever since. Later in life I began taking it beyond the hobby stage and started doing some photojournalism work  while living in Europe. After returning home I decided to follow my dream of opening a photography studio. My background is in Information Technology and I am a Systems Engineer by day. We operate Chasing the Sun Creative Media on nights and weekends. Our business provides me with a great opportunity to use both my creative and technical skills

Vaida Lowell

Vaida graduated in the top of her class from Vilnius University, Lithuania with a degree in journalism. Vaida has worked as a journalist for national TV stations, magazines and newspapers in Lithuania. In 2012 she became a best selling author with a book she co-wrote with her friend Gerda Butkuviene titled Titaniko Lietuviai, about Lithuanians aboard the Titanic. She is currently the Corporate Manager for a company in Portland, Maine as well as performing many roles at Chasing the Sun Creative Media. From business manager to assistant photographer we keep Vaida very busy.

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