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Artwork Photography

Many Maine artists rely on us to photograph their artwork. We work side by side with the artists to ensure that the photographs we create of their work is exactly what they want. Our entire system is color calibrated and we only use the highest quality lenses, lights and cameras. We are capable of dealing with all the issues that arise when shooting artwork. We regularly photograph paintings on every type of media from canvas to wood, sculptures of all sizes and location installations.

Our photographs have been featured in Art New England, Maine Home and Design, Downeast Magazine and many catalogs and art books. We’ve photographed many installations and shows for the Portland Museum of Art, Space Gallery, Aucocisco Gallery, Icon Contemporary Art, Ogunquit Museum of Contemporary Art and more. We work very hard to make sure that our clients leave with the best quality images possible.

Model Portfolios

We design and photograph a portfolio that is targeted at getting the model hired for real jobs. Our model portfolio shoots are intended to create ad-like images for models to build or spice up their portfolio. It is our intent to show that you can model a variety of looks or characters. We don’t base our portfolio shoots on a formula, rather they are based on what works best for your look, age, body style, etc. A good model portfolio will show you in a range of looks. The younger and older you can look, the more potential you have for landing jobs. Your portfolio should also represent the type of work you want to do. If you’d like to be a catalog model then you should have catalog like images in your portfolio. If you’d like to be a fitness model, then you should have a variety of fitness images in your book. We have a variety of shoot packages and can customize a package based on your specific needs. Ask us about our Comp Card (Zed Card) design and print services.


We offer a few different services in the video department here at CTS Creative Media.

With technology like Youtube and other online video resources, actors now have the ability to showcase their acting skills to a worldwide audience. We shoot talking headshots in high definition video with professional lighting and audio.

Sample Talking Headshot

Sample artist profile documentary

We combine our photographic vision with our technical expertise to deliver professional quality video products. The studio is currently equipped with all the necessary audio, lighting, grip and video gear to deliver an excellent production value to your projects. We have a small doorway dolly and camera jib in house as well as approximately 6,000 watts of lighting available. We're equipped with a wireless lav mic kit and a shotgun mic with diffusion cover. We also have off-camera monitors so the whole team can be involved in the shoot. 

We’ll travel for the right project. We’re currently shooting a long term artist profile documentary on the artist Tim Clorius.


If you’re an actor or a model, your headshot is a huge part of your resume and is the first thing they’ll see when considering you for a role or an audition. Your headshot should show your personality and should represent you, as a professional. Our experience in cinematography and filmmaking has given us the right perspective for creating great headshots. We know what casting directors look for in these images and how to get the best out of you on set. While you’re in the studio for a headshot, ask us about our actor reels and talking headshots. There’s nothing like a little HD video to spice up your portfolio.

Additionally we shoot corporate and business headshots based on your specific business needs. 

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